Stories of Hope

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In light of COVID-19 we wanted share with you some stories of HOPE and transformation. The women in The Tesfa Project—Women’s Empowerment Program are transforming their communities and bringing HOPE to the lives … Read More

TESFA Microgrant Savings Program

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The TESFA Project in on a mission to break the cycle of poverty and chronic hunger among Ethiopia’s most vulnerable – impoverished widowed mothers – and offer a life of dignity … Read More

Gelane’s TESFA Story

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We are excited to share with you the story of Gelane Buta.  On a recent Petros Network Life Impact Trip we were able to meet with Gelane, one of our widows in … Read More

Beauty from Ashes

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On our most recent trip this winter, we met in small groups with the 50+ women in the Petros Network Women — TESFA Project, a women’s empowerment project focusing on widowed … Read More

Child Sponsorship Saves Lives

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Child Sponsorship Changes Lives Study’s show that the best defense for any virus is a healthy immune system. We are pleased to report that the children in our program are … Read More

COVID-19 Response

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PROVIDING HOPE IN THE STORM With your help, we can unleash the resources needed to better serve the at-risk rural communities we serve. DONATE NOW March 19, 2020 We are … Read More