Meet Mirriam | The Call Is For Everyone

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New Article: The Call Is For Everyone

On this International Women’s Day, we celebrate the women among Petros Network’s indigenous missionaries. These daughters of God, emboldened by the Spirit, are fierce and effective warriors to advance the … Read More

A New Season for Petros Network

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Ray Noah join Petros Network in a full-time capacity as President and CEO.

Petros Network’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce Pastor Ray Noah will join the Petros Network team as its full time President and CEO. Ray stepped down on April … Read More

A Divine Appointment | Trusting in God’s Timing

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Beautiful black faces singing and dancing

One night, when I was seven years old, I had a dream… It was a vivid dream of a group of beautiful black faces, smiling, singing, and chattering in a … Read More

Ron Cochran Selected to Petros Network’s Board of Directors

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Ron Cochran Newly Appointed Member of PN Board of Directors

We welcome Ron Cochran to Petros Network’s International Board of Directors and to the Petros Network Investment Committee. A HEART FOR MISSIONS When asked why this appointment means so much … Read More

Executive Director Announcement

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Executive Directed Announced

A word from the Chairman of the Board, Sandra Cooper: I am pleased to announce the Petros Network Board of Directors has formalized the selection of Linda Noah as our … Read More

On The Other Side — Ethiopia

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I have only ever found myself on the other side of the screen, reading about all of the amazing things that my friends and family are doing overseas to help bring the Kingdom. It is a strange place to find myself trying to come up with the right words to describe the heart change I experienced in Ethiopia. I have to be honest and admit…