Taking New Territory | Northern Uganda

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Taking New Territory in Northern Uganda

Jesus tells us to go into all the world and preach the gospel, and He is sending Petros Network to a new region that desperately needs him. Devastated by heavy demonic … Read More

Meet Mirriam | The Call Is For Everyone

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New Article: The Call Is For Everyone

On this International Women’s Day, we celebrate the women among Petros Network’s indigenous missionaries. These daughters of God, emboldened by the Spirit, are fierce and effective warriors to advance the … Read More

Why Church Planting?

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Why Church Planting

Because Everyone Needs Hope. We are often asked, “Why Church Planting?” Our answer is simple. Because there are 3.27 billion people on the planet who will never hear the Good … Read More

Where the Good News is Joy is Found

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Hope is the gift that keeps on giving. One of the first gifts that hope offers to people is JOY… We see that quite dramatically in the story of Christ’s … Read More

Hope For an Entire Village

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Daily Difficulty in Myanmar Myanmar’s February 2021 coup has tumbled through the media and news sources with emotionally devastating updates. Six months later, the ripple affecting the Burmese people is … Read More

Rural Church Planters Given Bicycles

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Bicycles for Church Planters

MY ONLY CHOICE IS I MUST WALK… At a recent training event the African church planter was excited! It had been several months since he was able to share his … Read More

More Than a Religious Leader

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Petros Network’s holistic approach trains indigenous leaders to put the gospel into practice so that all of life in their village will be lifted for the better. In the developing world, … Read More

Who Will Reach the Unreached?

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Who will reach the unreached?

At a recent training event, Jilo sat among a group of young men commissioned as missionary church planters just six months prior. Working with eight different denominations, over 200 of … Read More

What Only God Can Do

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What only God can do

Our Missionary Church Planters serve as catalysts of HOPE in their communities. For the community, it is HOPE that drives them to seek out these leaders for prayer, and HOPE … Read More

Extending Kindness Amid Persecution

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Kindness Amid Persecution

Since June of this year, the political and spiritual unrest in Ethiopia has increased exponentially with at least 500 christians being killed for their faith. The targeted assault on Christianity … Read More