Loving God. Loving People. Together

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Loving God, Loving People


When the disciples asked Jesus, "What is the greatest commandment," he summed it up in one sentence to love God with your whole heart and love your neighbor as yourself. In that one law, he removed any distinction between spiritual and social ministry. They are two parts of the human heart and essential to the Good News of Jesus. You can't have one without the other, and if one part is missing, the heart isn't whole.

We know from other scriptures that as we live out our spiritual and social lives under God, we unleash God's promises and experience His blessing. That is why Petros Network has made it our mission to equip leaders to lift their communities through spiritual, social, and economic solutions around the world. As we love God we also love people and in doing so express the two hands of the Gospel to a seeking world.


You see, for the Gospel to be "good news" to hurting people, it must be something they hear and experience. We don't care for widowed mothers, orphaned children, support schools, provide medical care, or feed the hungry so that they will come to Jesus. We do it because we have come to Jesus. When love knocks on hearts in unreached villages and communities, we find the doors swing wide open. Seekers become followers (spiritual lift), and those followers live out the love of Jesus in their everyday lives (social lift), and as hearts change the blessing and promises of God are unleashed. (economic lift).


When you support Petros Network, you become part of God's story of Redemptive Lift in an unreached community. Your impact touches the eternal soul of an individual as well as unleashes social and economic transformation.

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2 Comments on “Loving God. Loving People. Together”

  1. Hello. It would be nice to hear what is actually happening in the field, rather than more promotion to give.

    1. Thank you for your feedback Gladys! We really appreciate it. Check out our recent blogs posts for stories from the field.

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