Michelle Hartt Selected to Petros Network Canada’s Board of Directors

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Michelle Hartt selected for Petros Network Canada's Board of Directors

Petros Network is pleased to welcome Michelle Hartt to Petros Network Canada's Board of Directors.

Currently, Michelle Hartt serves as the Pastor of Alpha at Coquitlam Alliance Church, a multi-campus church located just outside Vancouver, B.C. She also works voluntarily with Alpha Canada helping churches from various denominations develop effective Alpha ministries through prophetic and intercessory prayer teams, a culture of radical hospitality, and the power of story. 

Michelle came to faith as an adult 18 years ago through the Alpha ministry. From the beginning she has had a strong desire to see people’s lives transformed by the Gospel in the way her life was many years ago. This desire, coupled with a deep love for God’s Word, eventually led Michelle to recognize the call on her life into formal ministry. 

In addition to this calling, Michelle’s ten years of church leadership have also been influenced by her time spent with church planters, widows, and orphans in East Africa with Petros Network. She has seen first-hand how the planting of a local church, in a previously unreached area, has the power to completely transform entire communities, bringing hope and flourishing to places that have only known darkness and suffering. Michelle has witnessed how when the global church works together in the unity, power, and leading of the Holy Spirit they can accomplish immeasurably more than can be imagined, while mutually blessing and edifying one another in the process.

Please join us in welcoming Michelle Hartt to our passionate team of leaders!

2 Comments on “Michelle Hartt Selected to Petros Network Canada’s Board of Directors”

  1. Please help me to find a blog or pictures of Michelle’s recent trip.
    Can I find pictures and/or stories on Instagram? (I don’t have Facebook)

    Thank you

    1. We have posted a Trip Highlight reel on Instagram that she is in. We will post more photos over the next few weeks.

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