Children In Need of Loving-Kindness

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Children in Need of Loving Kindness

We have just received word of several kids from Uganda who are in desperate need of sponsorship. They were selected as the poorest, most at-risk kids in the community. Child … Read More

From Witch Doctor to Church Planter

Rachelle Polits, Program SpecialistChurch Planting

STORY FROM THE FIELD:Juma, Former Witch Doctor  When Juma was 7 years evil spirits identified him as a “Mukongozi” (diviner). He wore foreign clothes like goat skin. The spirits made … Read More

His Beloved Tattered Bible

Rachelle Polits, Program SpecialistChurch Planting

FROM THE FIELD:A story from Uganda John’s Luganda Bible “John is one of my dear leaders and a Pastor in our daughter church in Kaiti Kachonga, Eastern Uganda. The Bible … Read More

Educating Out of Poverty – Uganda

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EXCITING THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN UGANDA! In spite of the hardships our Ugandan friends face, missionary church planters are planting churches and leading and loving in the name of Jesus. … Read More